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GUGOBET| How To Play Online Casino Fishing Games?

GUGOBET fish games
GUGOBET fish games

Fish Hunting in the online casino GUGOBET, To all the fishing lovers, there is a game for you.

GUGOBET has 2 main fishing. CQ9 and simply play

CQ9 has 3 types of gambling games starting with the minimum deposit to the maximum deposit of the different amount

  1. legend narwhal (1rs to 10rs)

  2. scary octopus (10rs to 100 rs)

  3. monster FileZilla (100 to 1000rs)

Simply play on the other hand players can choose their deposit amount.

There are many types of sea creatures in the games such as sharks, lobsters, squid, and all types of sea creatures. The player has to target a specific creature and aim and shoot. For all different creatures, there are different winning amounts, players hunting equipment will change according to the games they choose, the bigger the deposit amount bigger the hunting tools will be provided and the chances to hit jackpot go up to 89%.



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