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GUGOBET| 5 Best Soccer Betting Systems That Work!

GUGOBET | Soccer Betting Strategies
GUGOBET | Soccer Betting Strategies

Using the proper soccer betting strategy is one certain that way to begin a hot winning strategy. Here at GUGOBET are five of the most financially viable soccer betting systems to help you advance in your soccer betting career :

Half-time/full-time Bets

A half-time/full-time bet is a type of soccer wagering. In this online strategy, you place bets on both half-time and full-time results. Professional football matches last 45 minutes for half-time play and 45 minutes for the second half, trying to make it a 90-minute sports game. You bet on how you feel about both halves of a soccer game.

Example :

In a football game, you bet on an Away-Team lead at halftime and a Home-Team win after 90 minutes. At ninety minutes, a bet on the Home Team leading and the Away Team winning is safe. However, if any of these matches end in a first-half draw, you lose. However, betting on a draw for either of these matches results in a positive outcome.


Over/under was originally a wager on whether a soccer game would end with more than or less than a certain number of goals. However, most sports gambling bookies today offer a variety of over/under bets, such as yellow cards, red cards, penalty kick, corners, and so on.

Example :

If you look at recent FC Barcelona or Real Madrid games, you will notice that both teams score a lot of goals. These two teams scored at least 3 goals in nearly all of from their last 10 games. So putting your money on this option is a sure bet. Assume FC Barcelona played Sevilla and you bet on over 2.5 goals; if the game ended in a 2-1, which is a clear three goals at full time, you win.

Favorites vs. Underdogs

There is a greater possibility of winning in Favorites vs. Underdogs gambling. Soccer is a game of teamwork and uncertainty. As a result, the probability of victory a bet on the favorite or underdog are extremely high. Big soccer teams almost always lose to the underdog. Using this strategy is an intriguing way to advance your betting career.

Example :

Favorites have lower wagers than underdogs because the big team has a better chance of winning. So, if a bookmaker offers 1.21: 5.00 odds on FC Barcelona vs. Villareal and you bet on the underdog (Villareal). You succeed if Villareal manages to win with a goal lead. But if Barcelona wins, you lose.

Correct Score

If you want to feel like a soccer betting wizard, try placing correct score bets. These are exceedingly difficult to hit but offer a massive payout. All you must do in this wager is choose the exact final score. This wager is not as simple as it appears. It takes a lot of effort.

Example :

You'll have to know not just exact final score, but also which team will score. If the game is between Chelsea and Manchester United in the English Premier League, your bet is on Chelsea winning 2:0. You succeed if Chelsea wins by a score of two to one.

Score cast/win cast

Another common example of a two-way bet is Score cast. In this case, you bet on the match's goal scorer as well as the final results. When playing the win cast bet, your only concern is which player scores and who wins the game; you don't need to worry about when such a player scores. If you enjoy live betting, you can use this option as an in-play wager. Guess it depends on the clubs playing, bettors will use score cast and win cast interchangeable terms. Win cast only requires you to bet on the goal scoring player and the winning team, whereas score cast requires you to accurately predict the match score line. Because both options are double bets, you only win if both predictions are correct.

Example :

In a soccer match between PSG and Bayern Munich, you could use the win cast gamble to predict that Robert Lewandowski scores and the away team wins. If Lewandowski scores a goal and the opposing team wins, you win. It makes no difference what minute he scores or what the final score is as long as your prediction is correct. In the same soccer game, you bet on Lewandowski scoring and the away team winning by three goals to two. The distinction is that you are attempting to predict the correct score as well as the goal scorer. You succeed if both results occur.


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