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GUGOBET| Which Size Five Soccer Ball Is Best To Use While Playing?

GUGOBET | Soccer
GUGOBET | Soccer

Football, or soccer as it is recognized outside the United States, is the most popular sport betting in the world. According to reports, there are 3.5 billion fans and more than 200 million players. Soccer balls have hundreds of options due to their popularity. Since the age of the players is different, these balls come in different sizes. Size five is most common and is used for professional leagues around the world. If you are serious about your soccer skills then you should invest in a quality size 5 soccer ball. The Adidas Starlancer V Club football is the best option, with a highly durable exterior, white synthetic leather panels and visible blue markings. GUGOBET wants to educate you on how to choose a proper soccer ball for playing.

What to know before you buy a size five soccer ball ?
  • Soccer ball sizes

Soccer balls range in size from one to five. Size five soccer balls are most commonly used for professional games. The size above is generally worn by league teams for players aged 12 and up into adulthood. Youth balls are commonly referred to as size 4 balls, this size is suitable for children between the ages of eight and twelve. Size 3 footballs are used by players under the age of eight. Size 1 and 2 soccer balls are also available, but they are primarily used as novelty balls for indoor fun.

  • Soccer balls materials

Since the sport's inception in 1863, soccer balls have been made from a variety of materials. The first ball, believe it or not, was made from an inflated sheep's bladder. A leather sheath was later added to protect it. The bladder was eventually replaced with a rubber ball. A faux leather ball was not invented until the 1960s. Due to its low weight and extreme durability, synthetic leather is now almost exclusively used in the manufacture of footballs.

  • Soccer ball manufacturers

There are numerous football manufacturers around the world, each with their own unique method of making footballs. Nike, Adidas and Wilson are among the most popular manufacturers: FIFA has exclusively used Adidas footballs since the 1970s, as has Major League Soccer (MLS) in the USA; However, the Premier League, the most popular football league in the United Kingdom, uses the Nike Flight Ball.

What to look for in a quality size five soccer ball ?
  • Colors that stand out

Soccer is almost always played outdoors. Unless you're playing futsal, that's played on a smaller field with air conditioning and bright lights. When you play soccer outdoors, you come into contact with a variety of elements that can affect your vision. This includes things like the sun shining in your eyes, fog, rain, and even snow. Therefore, it is preferable to get a ball that is easily visible in these conditions. Look for a brightly colored ball; doesn't always have to be neon green, but for visibility look for a sphere with some brightness and color contrast.

  • Polyurethane

Polyurethane is the most common material used for size 5 footballs. It is known as synthetic leather because it closely resembles the traditional leather materials used to make footballs in the 19th century. Polyurethane outperforms animal leather in terms of weight with equal durability. The best control is faux leather, which is very soft to the touch. These balls are almost sticky, allowing you to easily maneuver the ball around a lawn or grass field.

  • Latex bladders

The inflatable material that enters the football's synthetic leather exterior and holds the ball inflated is called a bladder. Bladders are divided into two types: latex and butyl. Butyl is a type of rubber that is excellent at holding air but is not as forgiving as latex which can result in a stiffer football. Because of its superior feel, latex is used in the best quality size 5 soccer balls. Latex balls are also softer, resulting in more control and feel when handling the ball.


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