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GUGOBET| IPL 2022 Format And New Rules!


The IPL 2022 format is not new to the world of IPL cricket. The format was used in the 2011 Indian Premier League which had a total of ten clubs. The ten squads are divided into two groups of five people each. Once or twice a random draw was made to select the teams and who would play against whom in each group. Each team can play 14 matches in the group stage, playing twice against the other four teams in its group (one home and one away), once against four teams from the other group, and twice against the bottom team. The IPL betting system awards two points to the team that wins a game. No points are awarded to the losing team. In the event of a tie or zero results, both teams receive a point. After the group stage, a 4-player tiebreaker stage will be held in page tiebreaker format. The tiebreakers consist of four games :

  • Qualifier 1 is a duel between the teams that finished first and second in their respective groups.

  • Eliminator: between a third and fourth place in the group stage.

  • Qualifier 2 pits the losers of Qualifier 1 against the winner of Eliminator. The winner of heats 1 and 2 competes in the final.

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IPL 2022 Retention Rules

A team will be allowed to keep up to three Indian (capped/uncapped) and 2 foreign players, with a maximum of four retentions.

It has been stated unequivocally that a team may not retain more than two uncapped players.

The team management has the option of keeping three Indian players and one foreign player, or two Indian players and two foreign players, depending on the circumstances.

Before the beginning of the bidding in 2022, 2 additional IPL teams can select any two Indian and one foreign player from the Massive auction pool.

In addition, before the bidding, international teams could only select each unrestricted player.

In addition, there will be no Right to Match (RTM) cards for the IPL 2022 Mega Auction.

IPL 2022 Salary Cap

The BCCI additionally clarified the salary cap for the maintained players, which is primarily based totally on the group's selection to maintain a sure quantity of players. If a group continues 4 players, the participant handbag may be decreased via way of means of Rs forty-two crore. If a group continues 3 players, the participant handbag may be decreased via way of means of Rs 33 crore. If a group continues players, the participant handbag may be decreased via way of means of Rs 24 crore. If a group simplest continues with one participant, its handbag fee may be decreased via way of means of Rs 14 crore. Each uncapped participant who's maintained could then fee Rs four crore.


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