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GUGOBET| Evolution Gaming Instant Roulette : Review & How To Play!

GUGOBET Roulette Winning Formula
GUGOBET Roulette Winning Formula
How To Play Instant Roulette?

The time needed: five minutes.

How regularly has the bet timer expired stuck you off-guard? Were you ever in a rush that made you wish you could skip the fancy camera swaps?

  • Place a Bet

If you're looking ahead to gambling gameplay or having a bet changes, we're glad to file none are present! This auto-roulette begins of evolved with you putting your wagers as usual. Choose one of the to be had coins, and location them on any range or aggregate of numbers you like. The numbers a bet covers, the much more likely it's miles to win. However, that still consequences in a decreased payout.

  • Press Play Now Button

After setting up your wager, tap or press the Play Now button. You do not have to rush, as there is no time limit for bets. The game will look to the roulette wheel closest to finishing a spin and will use it to determine the results. If the drawn number is part of your wager, then you win the appropriate prize.

  • Regular Bets and Side Bets Available

GUGOBET Instant Roulette plays using European roulette rules and has a single zero. It also offers a variety of ‘side bets’ that you can play. Through the racetrack, we can place French bets and neighbor bets. You can change how many numbers a neighbor bet covers through the plus and minus buttons next to the racetrack.

  • Save Your Favorite Bets

One more convenient thing about this Evolution Gaming release is the inclusion of favorite bets. You can save wagers you particularly like, and then play them just by drawing them from the favorite bets menu. It also has a few special bets already saved, including Finale En Plain, Finales A Cheval, and complete stakes.

The Basics

When you first boot up the game, you may be handled to pretty a view. There aren't one or two, however, twelve roulette wheels! All of them are actively spinning at the same time as the final in special stages. When one wheel is near finishing, every other is simply beginning to spin. This approach is that at any given time, there may be a roulette wheel near finishing a spin.

This interprets to nearly immediate outcomes after you end wagering. When you end up betting, press the Play Now button. The wheel closest to showing its result will decide whether or not you win. Evolution Gaming highlights the 2 wheels which can be closest to drawing a number. They pass from one to 12 after which repeat.


Rewards remain unchanged from other live European roulette tables. With an absence of additional mechanics like multipliers, it means you can only look forward to standard payouts. Regardless, we do not see that as a flaw. It means you can use whatever betting strategy you like in Instant Roulette without having to change anything.

You will be paid as follows:

  • 1-18/19-36 – 1:1

  • Even/Odd – 1:1

  • Red/Black – 1:1

  • Dozen – 2:1

  • Column – 2:1

  • Line – 5:1

  • Corner – 8:1

  • Street – 11:1

  • Split – 17:1

  • Straight-Up – 35:1

Should You Try It?

We think so! It offers all the excitement of playing roulette while almost eliminating wait times. To an extent, the timer limiting how long you could bet is also removed. This will be a huge quality of life change for many players. One that will catapult Instant Roulette to the top of the live casino games list.

It should be noted that this is an automatic roulette start. If you enjoy chatting with a dealer, you will be disappointed with the lack of hosts here. We think it's a worthy sacrifice for all the benefits it offers. This game is just too good to pass up!



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