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GUGOBET Sign Up| JILI Try Out: World Cup| Best Online Slot Games!

Online JILI Game
Online JILI Game

World Cup

2x2 and 3x3 will appear in the 2~4 reels, and the large symbols are visible

Stack a large number of the same symbol to greatly increase the number of lines and payouts! (all symbols have large symbols)

As long as the Bonus symbol appears, you will get a bonus, and the more you get, the higher the bonus.

In the free game, the multiplier of winning points is randomly obtained in each round, and all winning points can get a multiplier effect!

  1. Type Of Game: Slot.

  2. Publish Time: 2022.

  3. Highest Multiplier: 5000X.

  4. Special Features:

  • 3x5 board, 20 lines.

  • 2X2 and 3X3 large symbols randomly appear in 2~4 rounds.

  • Bonus does not need to be connected, you can win prizes when you get.

  • Free games get a random multiplier for each game.


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