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GUGOBET Join Now| Best JILI Slot Game: Lucky Goldbricks| Best Online Casinos That Payout!

Online JILI Game
Online JILI Game

Lucky Goldbricks

Play Midas Touch for the Gold Prize, stack the Gold Prize for winnings that go through the roof!

After activating the Free Game, randomly select the Gold Prize in Midas Touch at first, and then start 7 rounds of Free Game.

If you get more than 5 Bonus Gold Prize in the Free Game, get even more rounds!

  1. Type Of Game: Slot.

  2. Publish Time: 2020.

  3. Highest Multiplier: 1250X.

  4. Special Features:

  • 5 reels and 3 rows with 30 paylines.

  • Collect more than 5 Bonus Gold Prizes to activate Midas Touch, the more Gold Prizes you collect, the higher the number of Midas Touch.

  • The value of each Bonus Gold Prize that appears in the Free Game is the sum total of the Gold Prizes in Midas Touch.


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