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GUGOBET India Casino Online| JILI Online Game: Color Game| Best Casino Games For Beginners!

JILI Online Game
JILI Online Game

Color Game

The most local Color game, players can choose colors freely and get started easily.

When three green dice are drawn, a large bonus will be drawn with everyone, up to 5000X!!

Three dice of the same color can easily get a 10X award! Absolutely not difficult!

  1. Type Of Game: Table and Card.

  2. Publish Time: 2022.

  3. Highest Multiplier: -

  4. Special Features:

  • Among them, 2 and 3 dice of the same color get extra multiplier.

  • Free choice of various colors, high chance of winning prizes!

  • Three dice with the same green color, win the prize immediately!


More Betting Strategies:


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