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GUGOBET Review| JILI Slot RTP: Chin Shi Huang| How Can I Deposit Money In Online Casinos?

Online JILI Game
Online JILI Game

Chin Shi Huang

"Brings you supersized board with 4096 paylines!" After matching and eliminating, symbols are replaced for non-stop combination possibilities.

Number of rounds and the winning ratio are increased in the Free Games at the same time for endless opportunities to win prizes!

  1. Type Of Game: Slot.

  2. Publish Time: 2019.

  3. Highest Multiplier: 2000X.

  4. Special Features:

  • 6 reels and 4 rows with 4096 paylines.

  • Easy to win the Scatter, each appearance counts as a prize.

  • The number of rounds and odds both increased in the Free Games at the same time.


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