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GUGOBET| How To Bet On Football: Good Strategies And Tips For Beginners!

GUGOBET | Soccer Betting
GUGOBET | Soccer Betting

Football betting can be a perplexing world. You begin simply hoping to win more often than not, but soon become tempted by the prospect of making a living from it. The following GUGOBET article will help break down the basics and provide some pointers for getting started in this new sports game with its own jargon!

Football is exciting because there are so many different ways to gamble and no two games are alike - in other words, each game offers something unique, making it unpredictable and thrilling at times.


It wouldn't hurt to use three or four different legal bookmakers, such as Melbet, Parimatch, and 4rabet, to reduce the risk of soccer betting. Learn about these platforms, play, try the mobile app, research the bonus offers, and make your decision.

Many factors should be considered when selecting a bookmaker. It is safer and more convenient to place your bets with a main office that is legally registered in your country or region. You must find an office that meets all of the following requirements:


-odds (the probability that our bet will win);

-line (how much we have won at stake for placing this type of wager on a specific event); -identification when using bank card payments

-technical support

-bonuses and promotions

-technological comfort like live streaming betting events 24/7 which can be found in some legal companies only!


How to bet on soccer matches, step by step:

· Choose a bookmaker. The more the better because they have different odds and betting options for you to choose from. You can even compare them before choosing one!

· Register with your chosen bookie’s site so that they know who you are when placing bets in the future and confirm your identity if needed (most countries require this). This will also help prevent other people from using your account fraudulently later down the line too once it has been initially verified as yours.

· Select and open the line of the soccer match you want.

· Click on the bet you have chosen with the odds you want, enter the amount and confirm your choice.


Soccer is a game of skill and luck, but how can you decide for sure who will win? Bookmakers offer many options to bet on soccer from the outcome of individual matches or even group stages. There are some main types that stand out:

  • Main outcome. You can place your bets on the outcome of a match! You have three options: you want team one to win, or it’s going to be a draw game, or team two is victorious.

  • Double odds. Double odds is betting on two outcomes of the three main possibilities. For instance, 12 means that you bet on one out of the six possible ways to win and lose at a game as well as for it to end in no result whatsoever. Double Odds are bets where someone has put money down about what will happen before they know if their prediction was correct or not (you don’t get your original stake back). The idea behind this type of wager is that there’s always an even chance either way so chances might be better than normal with more options available!

  • Normal and Asian handicap. Handicapping is a betting strategy where you bet on the result of two teams in relation to their handicap. For example, if one team has an advantage over another and needs 3 more points to win by 2 goals or greater (ex. F2 (-2) ), then they are given odds that reflect this strength difference (+1). This means for every €100 wagered, we will get back €116 instead of our original €110; hence it pays 26% better than normal +10%.

  • Normal and Asian totals. You are given a list of bets that vary in risk level. They include goals, points and more! You can choose to bet on the total amount being greater or less than the set value- for example, if you guess there will be 3 or more TBs (goals), then your bet is “Yes”.


There are many football betting strategies that can help you improve your chances of winning. Try testing different ones out and see which one will work best for you:

1. Betting on a draw.

Betting on a draw might not be the most popular way to play soccer, but it can turn some profit if used in conjunction with other betting strategies. The odds for a tie are typically well over 3.5 which makes them worth an occasional bet as long as you’re willing to take your fair share of losses and when you win will make up for that loss quickly enough so that before too long is just about breaking even again.

2. Bets on yellow cards.

If you’re looking to make a bet on yellow cards, then we recommend that you do it when the match is crucial for both teams. This will give your odds from 2 up to about 3. The game needs not only to be important but also statistically one of the toughest in tournament play with head refereeing duties going out more often than usual for these kinds of matchups; this means matches played against rivals or those who have had an especially heated past meeting together are essential considerations at hand as well.

3. Betting on goals.

Betting on goals can be a profitable endeavor. Bet on total goals greater than 2.5 in the following cases:

  • Both teams are attacking,

  • A draw does not suit either team,

  • Opponents often break the TB 2.5 both in personal meetings and over time with this opponent’s record against them for their season games that they have played between each other (including playoffs).


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