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GUGOBET| How To play Dragon Tiger Online? : Rules, Strategies, Odds, And Probabilities!

Lucky11 dragon tiger casino
Lucky11 dragon tiger casino

I find it hard to believe you've ever considered what would occur if baccarat and Casino War were combined. And not something that retains me up all night, I mean. But here's the thing: if you're a casino common at GUGOBET, the answer has always been right in front of you. Dragon Tiger resembles baccarat - or at least a scaled-down version of it - and functions similarly to Casino War. With baccarat being so prominent in the Far East, it's perhaps not surprising that this version incorporates traditional Asian metaphors in the type of the Dragon and Tiger. As you will see, the game is extremely simple to play and suggests a fairly low house edge, provided that the outcomes seem to be dragon win, tiger win, or tie.

Dragon Tiger Game Rules

Whereas when you play Dragon Tiger you simply select your wager size but instead either you want to wager on the dragon, the tiger, or a tie. You bet on which of the two players will receive the higher card value, with an ace being the lowest (one) and the rest ranked as in poker, so 2 through 9, 10, J, Q, and K.

The dealer will then cope one card face up to every player, using eight standard decks of 52 cards, and the highest card will win. If both values are the same, the game is a tie. You have a 1:1 recompense if you beat both the dragon and perhaps the tiger. If you chose a tie and won, the payout is 11:1. If you lose, you lose your bet; if there is a tie and you only backed the dragon or the tiger, you get ½ your wager back. Once you sit at the table, you will see chances for a suitable tie, which occurs when both gamers' cards have the same value and suit, such as two 3 diamonds. The reward for this is 50:1.

However, whereas the possibility of getting a win 50:1 is desirable, the chances of it happening are not – experts estimate the house edge on this wager alone to be 13.98 percent. That's a sum of investment to end up losing over time whilst also trying to chase the 50:1 shot.

Most gambling alternatives are open in some Dragon Tiger games. You could be able to bet on both the dragon and tiger hands being red or black suits, for example. You could wager on odd or even cards, or the dragon or tiger being low (less than 7) or high (greater than 7). (above 7). If the points tally is 7, all bets are forfeited. To make things even more interesting, some casinos allow you to back one red card, one that is black, one that is odd, and one that is even!

Dragon Tiger Strategy

As can be seen, Dragon Tiger wasn't the most difficult online gambling game in the world. For this, you may believe there isn't much strategic approach. However, there are also some things you could do – or, more importantly, avoid – to limit your possible losses.

The first rule is to never, ever back a tie, especially a suited tie. Those appealing odds come at a high house edge. Instead, return the dragon or the tiger – yes, you only get 1:1 payments, but if it's a tie, you get ½ your investment back. In this manner, you rely on a good run of results over a given session to make a small profit. Unless you are extremely unlucky, you should not have a large losing session.

If your game has those extra side bets, prevent the high and low wagers since a 7 will outcome in a forfeit of all bets. Instead, place a 1:1 bet on red or black. Aside from that, there is no clever strategy for improving your possibility other than betting wisely and then within your bank balance.


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