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GUGOBET| The Most Popular Cricket Betting Markets!

GUGOBET | Cricket Betting Markets
GUGOBET | Cricket Betting Markets

Because of the numerous betting markets available on cricket matches with various gambling bookmakers, most punters feel overwhelmed when it comes to betting on cricket matches. However, here are some of the major markets to expect at GUGOBET, as well as what you should be aware of in each.

Series Betting

This market is for test matches like the Ashes. The bet is simply placed on the side that the punter believes will win the overall series. It is important to remember that due to inclement weather or poor lighting, a draw may be a viable option. Punters could use the 'Series Draw No Bet' market's insure bet, which guarantees a refund if the series ends in a tie.

Match Betting

The most common way to wager on any sport is to back the team that will win the game outright. With this, you will have three options: the draw, either side, or neither. The bet is simple win or lose, depending on whether your chosen team wins the match by scoring the most runs. It's a simple way to bet on any cricket match, whether it's a test or a T20 match.

Top Run scorer

One of the most interesting betting markets in cricket is the ability to bet on the player who will score the most runs in the match. It can be extremely profitable, and the bet is a winner if the player you chose scores more runs than anyone else. Punters could also bet on the top run-scorer for a specific team.

First Wicket

The ability to bet on how the first player will fall is another unique betting market for cricket fans. The bet is won if your prediction is correct about how the first wicket falls.

Outright Betting

Outright markets are very popular in cricket, as they are in all other sports, and are a good way to maintain interest in the tournament throughout. Punters can simply bet on a team to win a specific competition, and if they do, the bet is a winner. Punters can also place an each-way bet on this, which means that if your chosen team finishes second, you will make a profit.


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