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GUGOBET| 8 Popular Cricket Betting Types Explained!

GUGOBET | Cricket Betting
GUGOBET | Cricket Betting

Cricket gambling was documented in the 1600s, when the super wealthy would organize matches solely to bet on the outcome. Sports betting has come a long way since then, but there are plenty of cricket wagering to choose from thanks to ongoing improvements in sports wagering innovation. Here's a rundown of the most popular cricket betting at GUGOBET.

Match Betting

This is the most basic of all cricket bets, making it ideal for beginners. Match betting entails placing a wager on which team you believe will win a specific match. For instance, if Australia is playing England in a one-day international match, you would wager on which team you believe will win.

Series Winner Betting

A series of matches between two teams is a common feature of cricket, such as the Ashes series, which consists of five test matches between Australia and England. A series bet is a betting positioned upon what group will succeed the Ashes series.

Outright Winner Betting

Outright winner wagering in cricket, like series winning betting, is a wager placed on any team competing in a major tournament, such as the ICC World Cup or the Indian Premier League, to win the tournament outright. Outrights, or futures, are difficult to accurately predict due to the large number of teams available, but can be highly rewarding if successful. If this sounds too difficult, you could always play bingo Canada instead!

Tied Match Betting

Tied match betting is a wager placed as to whether you believe the match will end in a draw or not. It is typically provided during test matches because this form of cricket is most likely to finish in a tie.

Proposition Betting

In cricket, proposition betting refers to wagers placed on in-game events that may or may not affect the final outcome. For example, the total number of runs scored in a match, the total number of sixes scored in a match, and which team will win the toss at the start of the match are all examples.

Top Batsman Betting

A top cricketer bet is a betting placed about which cricketer will win the most runs. It is commonly placed on an innings, a single match, or even an entire series. The odds reflect the struggles of accurately predicting a top batsman wager, but such wagers are thus that much more rewarding.

Top Bowler Betting

A top bowler bet, like a top batsman bet, is a wager on which player will take the most wickets during an innings, a single match, or an entire series.

Batsman Contest Betting

Betting on batsmen competitions involves two batsmen going head-to-head, either one from each team or two from the same team, in a competition where the winner of each group must be predicted with certainty. Most runs scored and most sixes hit are common categories.


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