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GUGOBET| BlackJack Strategy Charts - How To Play Perfect BlackJack?

GUGOBET | Blackjack Strategy Chart
GUGOBET | Blackjack Strategy Chart

Basic strategy is not enough!

We're constantly getting emails to GUGOBET from people telling us how they downloaded our blackjack charts, took them to a online casino and won money. This is fantastic news for her, but it could have been the other way around. Even if you get lucky from time to time, basic betting strategy won't be able to overcome the house edge. Think of it like a space shuttle. Rocket Booster is the only basic strategy. It elevates the shuttle to a high enough altitude in the atmosphere for the shuttle to complete the rest of the work. The launch vehicle is never launched into space. To actually win the blackjack strategy game you need counting, offsets, true count conversions and a betting strategy, but that's for later.

Memorize it perfectly!

When it comes to blackjack strategy, this is where the rubber meets the road. Vegas was built on guys who looked at the wallet-size basic strategy a couple of times after purchasing it in the gift shop on their last vacation. It takes discipline to commit this information to memory. We wouldn't have a website devoted to serving you learn it if it was simple.

The chart you start with is not the chart you end with!

Once you've mastered this chart, you'll need to learn extra blackjack rules and deviations that are precise to the games you'll be playing. The more you understand basic strategy, the easier it will be to move on to the other rule-specific charts.

Perfect means perfect!

A 99% game isn't good enough in a game where you can only hope to gain a 1% edge over the house. You need to know these strategy charts like the back of your hand while doing a handstand in a hurricane, giving your drink order to a waitress, and listening to Count Von Count serenade you on Sesame Street.


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